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Although he came in 2nd overall, he still set an Atlas stone world Record! We are so proud to have him on the New Age team and we are looking forward to see him crush it at the World's! If you have ever wanted to try New Age or need To re-order.. Anyone going to the Arnold's next week? We will be there in full effect! New Age Performance is now available in Canada online at Supplementscanada.

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It's a super convenient and cost effective way for our customers to now be able to order everything they need from a one stop shop! The whole amazing Popeyes team is standing by to answer your questions ,demo the product and are you ready for this So you can now buy it , try it and return if not completely satisfied to your friendly neighborhood Popeyes with no questions asked! It doesn't get better than that, try it today and experience the difference! New Age Performance mouthware is just the best darn way to add some strength to your workouts!

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World's strongest man, shawstrength, teaching furiouspete how to handle the stones! Killer pump by them end. I really wanted to do yoke and farmers tonight but my hip was bothering me some so I just did a lot of pin press today! Even after I actually did 16 sets and 10 of them was 10x10 with lbs, lbs, lbs, lbs, lbs, lbs, lbs, lbs, lbs and lbs and that was only the beginning of the sets. The videos are me doing lbs on my 6x1 and I only recorded 5 of them! I didn't record the first becuse after all of those 10s I didn't know if I'd get any reps but i did 6 singles so I was super happy!!

Weird deads with Hadn't had much to post about lately but tonight's chest workout was decent. Did buffalo bar incline bench with for 6 sets of 3 all paused reps. Finished with for 14 reps. Videos are my 3rd thru 6th sets in order. Gosh I hate squatting after work Anyways, light day today. Row row row til ya swole swole swole at Legends today on back day. Top set of 1 at lbs which is also a new PR for both of us!! Worlds strongest man has been on so I've been hella excited to deadlift but Holy shit that was alot of deadlifts today. I was working on reps and form.

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I pulled lbs for 5 singles and that was brutal as hell since I haven't deadlifted in at least 2 weeks. Video 1 first rep. Video 2 is the 3rd rep and the final one was the 5th rep. I also did 2x3 with lbs and that's the last video those sucked.

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I gotta build back up my deadlift endurance from that long break. I started off with warming up without the bands all the way up to lbs for a single and then I threw them on to get some heavy reps. They are really light bands so they really dont do that much except the first inch off the floor. I can tell that my deadlift is getting way better but my body wasnt feeling it today. It felt heavy as hell threw my whole body. I had to grind out that 5th rep of lbs slow as hell!

After strongman conditioning feels. Got my New Age Performance mouthpiece today! You want to see the worst feeling in the world?? Set the rack at about the same place you would do a pause dead, and pull as hard as you can. Bench night and Ryan is doing lbs for 2x2. First set felt great and then the second set was tough and didnt get the second rep.

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Some people flip beers mats as a party trick. We flip 25kg 55lb plates I would say that today's workout was a success! I did 6x10 with my box sqauts just above parallel lbs, lbs, lbs, lbs, lbs and lbs in the video. My legs feel great! After all of the 10s I did 5x1 with lbs and that felt really good!

The burning feeling in my legs makes me so happy.

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Leg strength is a huge priority in strongman so having tree trunks is a necessity! The other problem is I have out grown my knee sleeves so quick.

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Absolute killer of a session today. Shoulder tripleset with a final quadset to finish. Really enjoyed the burn of 30 rep sets. Brand spanking new Steinborn squat PR on her birthday. Squats are getting better. Light work today In the midst of kids being out of school and baseball almost every night The workout tonight was yoke pickups with famers walks and farmers deadlifts! I feel like straight ass!! The break caught up to me today. The farmers deadlifts were lbs each hand for a total of lbs.

I hit 8x10 with that and it didn't feel to bad. My grip is getting better! The 2nd video was the famers walks with lbs each hand for 3 down backs! The video was my first set and that was awful. The floor is really soft and my balance was off but I got it. Then i hit 2 more down and backs and they were alot smoother!! The low yoke pickups were really good. I worked from lbs for 3 all the way up to lbs for a single.

I'm going to start hitting more accessories again to build up my big lifts! So, how does this technology work? More items arrived today for the continuing skunkworks project garage gym. In church this week we learned that iron sharpens iron. A man who's been there and lifted that guiding a little lb nutcase to be the best I can be.

Couldn't do any of this crazy stuff without him or Team 56 behind me. A few pics from the event day to train for Strongageddeon! Great day with great people! Cant wait for July!