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Access it from the front screen Kind of interesting.

The Solution to Printing Online Coupons is Easier Than it Looks

It has its own email address the printer where you can email the printer an attachment or email message you want printed. However, I've not yet found a way to print coupons from the Kindle Fire. Working on that one. Helpful Comment? This is a post of mine from a couple weeks ago summarizing the printing problems on the other sites Also, they removed the ability to click to move forward and backward by clicking on a particular page number.

You now will need to click "show more coupons" and scroll, "show more coupons" and scroll, and so on. Good luck getting to the last page.

Item specifics

Workarounds - Click on the tab at the top called Local Coupons to change your zipcode and then go back to the coupons. Not everyone will see the Local Coupon tab. To get around the dumb page navigation, you can go to couponsDOT via mypoints or swagbucks and you'll be able to navigate by clicking on next page or a page number. It also gives you back the zipcode option. Smartsource direct links - besides the normal problems some have with only being able to print in certain browsers, recently many are getting an error prompting them, again to download and install the current version of JAVA.

Workaround - try refreshing the page a couple times or closing down the browser and trying the link again a few times and it'll go away and print normal. Redplum - most recently made changes to their site which is also having problems with certain versions and combinations of browsers and java. A pop-up appears saying "We're working on your coupons" then another pop-up saying "We're generating your coupons.

How to print P&G Everyday coupons?

Try updating your browser, updating java, or trying a different browser. Also, you can completely remove java and then reinstall the new version. L7: Teacher. Glad we have this thread now! Has anyone figure out how to print Smart Source or Red Plum coupons with an ipad or iphone etc? I know you need java to print from those sites. Or a workaround for it? Also is it possible to print coupons. L8: Grand Teacher. Can coupons be printed from an android smartphone? Not going to replace my android phone but am interested in getting a Kindle.

Maybe print from that? Currently using Kindle app on smartphone but e-library is quite large now Ok this video was good: Print from iPhone, iPad or iPod. And I figured out how to print from my notepad with my ipad. Just can't figure out how to print from coupons. This feature requires you to be connected to your local WI-FI network. And my computer is hooked up to my network. Maybe the folks at Fingerprint can help me. Edited to add: So I contacted support through Fingerprint and hit submit and get an error message.

I hate that when companies have messed up sites where your unable to contact them. Uggh Edited: Now I tried to e-mail them and got a mailer demon back. Not sure what to do now. Last edited by tracysbeans September 4, at PM.

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