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This branch of mathematics deals with rate problems. It is essential in computation involving objects moving with varying rates of speed. It also en- ables us to find the most efficient design for any kind of mechanism, engine, or moving vehicle. Thompson, the author ot these books, is not an ordinary teacher ot mathematics. He has had many years' experience In giving students the kind ot mathematical training they need in practical work.

He pre- sents each practical method and problem in the clearest and simplest way. He gets right down to the kind of information that you need In your daily work. After 10 days, if not completely satisfied, return the books to us without obligation. Mail the coupon today. Van Nottrand Company, Inc. Same return privilege, refund guaranteed. I Name. I Fleate i'rint Address. I City Zone. I State. S, fAT. Allen, Alden P. Armagnac, Bernard P. Blankman, Devon Francis, James L.

Freeman, Wesley S. Griswotd, Robert Gorman. Hartley E. Howe, Frank Rowsome, Jr. Leon Shloss, R. Harry Samuels. New York Godfrey Hammond, President and Treasurer; R. Ray Keefer, Vice Presidents; P. Brlgga, Secretary. Entered as second-class matter Dec. Entered as second-class matter at the Poat Office Department, Canada. Printed In U. Copyright, , by Popular Science Publishing Co.

Subscribers must notify us of change of address four weeks In advance of the next publication date. Be sure to give both old and new addresses. One of the best and highest vantage points is beautiful Grand Canyon Lodge on the brink of the North Rim. Three great attractions; the Grand Canyon. These Parks open to the public on June 1st. Or, if pre- ferred, visit them as a convenient "stop-over" when enroute to or from Southern California via Union Pacific.

Go by train and rest as you ride. Enjoy sound sleep, delightful meals. Your journey by rail will be a highlight of your vacation. Serving more western scenic regions than any other railroad, Union Pacific offers America's greatest travel bargain. Utah-Arizona National Parks. Room P, Union Pacific Bldg.

Think back over your high school days, review the list below and supply the information in the coupon at the bottom of the page Then fill in your own name and address and mail the coupon to us. English— 1st year la. English— 2nd year lb. English— 3rd year lc. English— 4th year 2. Public Speaking 3. Oral English 4. Journalism 5. Dramatics 6. Business English 7. Algebra— 1st year 7a. Algebra— Advanced 8. Geometry— Plane 8a. Geometry— Solid 9. Trigonometry General Mathematics 1 1. Botany Biology Physiology Chemistry Physics General Science 1 7.

History— Ancient 17a. History— Medieval 17b. History— Modern 17c. History— U. Civics Sociology Economics Pacific Rim Current Events Language— 1st year 23a. Language— 2nd year 23b. Language — 3rd year 23c. Language — 4th year 23 d. Language— 1st year 23e. Language— 2nd year 23f. Language— 3rd year 23g. Language — 4th year Home Economics 24a. Home Economics— 1st yr. Home Economics— 2nd yr. Home Nursing Foods Drawing— Free Hand 2 7a. Drawing— Commercial 2 7b. Drawing— Designing 2 7c. Drawing— Mechanical 27d. Drawing— Industrial History of Art Manual Training Typing Shorthand Bookkeeping Commercial Arithmetic Commercial Law Commercial Geography Glee Club Band Orchestra Physical Education The arrangement of numbers in the list above corresponds with the arrangement in coupon below.

Below is a statement of my record. Your Victrolas Jewel-point pickup floats like a feather on water- Instead of having the usual rigidly mounted needle that must be con- tinually changed, your Victrola radio-phonograph has a permanent and flexible sapphire playing tip that fairly floats over the record. It follows the groove with effort- less ease, achieves new clarity and richness of tone, adds longer life to records, and acts as a Alter against surface noise.

Truly, your Victrola's jewel-point pickup brings you the ultimate in recorded music pleasure. And so when you buy an RCA Victor radio, or television receiver, Victrola, or even an RCA radio tube, RCA Laboratories is your assurance that you are getting one of the finest instruments of its kind that science has yet achieved. Permanent jewel-point pickup — no needles. American and foreign radio reception. An outstanding radio - phonograph combination — thanks to RCA Laboratories. Ovando, one of the thou- sands of science students whose careers were interrupted by the war.

After service in the Navy, he is now back at Columbia. It will be before he gets his degree in medicine. Understandably, such members of the lost generation of young scientists are working long and hard to make up for time lost. Understandably, they may hurry past such "humanities" courses as English or history, now creeping into the curriculum of even the most technical schools. But much as this country needs M. Time was when a scientist could be a hermit, secure in some quiet cave of pure research.

These days, things are different.

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Even nuclear physicists must have sociolog- ical savvy. And the most beautifully bearded academicians find a little practical politicking comes in handy with professional groups and congressional committees alike. People are now a visible part of every scientific problem.

As beneficiaries or victims of the products of science; as parents and purchasers and voters. Public opinion and public money are increasingly necessary in scientific progress. That means institutions with their contributors, industry with its stockholders, and government with its citizens. So, many a scientist who once scorned popularization of a program is now boning up on "English as the technique of communi- cation, and history as the record of human nature in action.

In this new world of science, you students of science have an added responsibility: you must learn to understand— and to make your- selves understood. Bet your life! A whirl at the world's most up-to-the-minute mechanical train- ing—with good pay while you learn. More offers, too— so generous they take your breath away! If you are 18 to 34 inclusive 17 with parents' consent and enlist now for a period of three years, you may choose to join one of the arms or services of the U. Army, which offers you the best mechanical training available today.

You may qualify for one of the Army's top-flight mechanical schools, and master the technical details of all kinds of engines, including Diesel, radial and internal combustion. There is lots of practical experience in repairing and maintaining the Army's own equipment— and there's none more modern. Add good pay, travel, clothing, food, quarters, medical and dental care and a day furlough each year, a retirement plan second-to-none, and you'll see that it's an opportunity you can't afford to miss.

After your discharge from the Army, the GI Bill of Rights entitles you to attend any college, trade or business school which will admit you, provided you enlist before October 6, Get all the facts at your nearest Army Recruiting Station. When Accountancy offers more Money and Success. If you are a bookkeeper, you are right on the threshold of a profession that pays far above average — where there's real opportunity to get ahead and move up fast.

Why not step UP from bookkeeping — be an accountant — make real money! You learn by doing. You cover Ac- countancy from the basic principles right up through Accounting Systems and Income Tax Procedure — to advanced training for the C. And as you go along step-by-step, you master the principles of audit- ing, business law, statistical control, cost ac- counting, organization, management, finance, etc. You go as fast or as slowly as you choose. And you may start "cashing in" on your new ability long before you complete the training — as thou- sands of others have proved.

Many advance quickly to better positions, even before they are half way through. And that is only the beginning of a growing and continuing success for the rest of your business life. Why remain "just a bookkeeper" when Ac- countancy holds so much for you? I'd like to know more about your home study pro- gram to help me prepare for an accounting career, Please send me your free page booklet.

City, Zone and State. Get all the facts and judge for yourself. There is no obligation. You are already started in this field. Mail coupon NOW! Deposited in your blood— with each inhalation you take— is the intelligence that directs the course of the planets through the misty reaches of space, and the strange phe- nomenon of life itself. What is it that causes your heart to beat, your lungs to expand and contract? What mind directs the cells of your being, each in their pur- pose — some to create bone, others tissue and hair?

What consciousness pervades these vibra- tory globules of life and gives them awareness of their Cosmic function? Are you one of the millions who have looked beyond yourself for some external Divine Power or agency? Have you searched in vain for some outer sign or word of Divine assurance when in doubt or in need? Now learn of the unsus- pected power that exists in every simple breath — and that becomes part of you.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the essence of life was borne on the wings of the air. The Bible pro- claims that with the first breath man becomes not just an animated being— but z"livingsoul. When you are in pain or de- spondent take a deep breath. Hold it as long as comfortable — then notice the momentary relief. This Amazing Free Book Would you seriously like to know how to draw upon this Intelligence of the Cosmic, with which the air is permeated?

You can use it to awaken the creative powers of your mind, and for making life an experi- ence of achievement. Use the coupon Below for a free copy of the book, "The Mastery of Life. Please send me a free copy of the book, "The Mastery of Life. Early in my course I show you how to build this N. Tester with parts 1 send. Tou get parts to build Radio Circuits; then test them; see how they work; learn how to design special circuits; how to' locate and repair circuit defects. You get parts to build this Vacuum Tube Power Pack; make changes which give you experience with packs of many kinds; learn to correct power pack troubles.

Building this A. Signal Generator gives you more valuable experience. It provides amplitude-modulated signals for many tests and experiments. Tou build this Superheterodyne Receiver which brings in local and distant sta- tions—and gives you more experience to help you win success in Radio. I, trains you at home. C Read how you practice building, test- t lng. Marine Radio, In Broad- casting. Radio Manufacturing, Public Ad- dress work, etc.

Think of the boom coming I now that new Radios can be made! Think of even greater opportunities when Television, and Klectronics are available to the public! It's packed with facts about opportunities for you. Read about my Course.

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Read letters from men I trained, telling what they are doing, earn- ing. Dept National Radio Institute. Washington 9, D. Mall me FREE, your sample lesson and page hook. No salesman will call. Please write plainly. Name Age Address C ity. Forge ahead, win special assignments, promotion, better job in global peace time oppor- tunities through ability to speak a foreign language. In your own home you can learn to speak any of 29 lan- guages by the world-famous Linguaphone Ear-Eye Conversational Method. It is amazingly simple and practical. You HEAR voices of native teachers. Learn alone, or have the family or friends join you in a delightful pastime that pays dividends.

Save time, work and money, learn the Linguaphone Way which has helped thousands in the Army, Navy, Flying, Signal Corps and other services, as well as more than 1 million home-study students. Name Address City. Prepare for advancement and more money by train- ing now for the job ahead. Free Page Books Tell How. Write for the book on the business field you like — or mail us this ad with your name and address in the margin. Dearborn St. Get orders by mall, ship by express or freight or mail, get out of the kindergarten.

It's YOUR winner. Do it NOW. Extraordinary plain, simple skill, know-how. No theory. Fact story of rich experience of author E. Rice day-by-day. How many times have we heard: "I wish I had some money, this patent would earn me a fortune. Listen, you do not need money to start this Rice way. His method auto- matically pays all bills same day rendered, no bank loans, pay as yon go, no borrowing from relatives or friends, no salesmen.

Also no worry, quickly a home of your own all paid for. Sure but this has been done steadily for 45 years, depression or no de- pression, by the author; that Is why he wrote this book, to pass the fcood word alonir. Make It go with anything you have which is sal- able, or with what you are now dnlnfr. Rice made his pay plan go from the start when living in one room tn a city lodging house.

Turn your city or country home, your work, your hobby. Into money. The popular error to avoid in trying for sales. Business won free while others have to pay for tt. How to conceive the money-getting advertise- ment. Profitable changes from ordinary Ideas and methods.

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Not usual cut-and-drled pattern. No dictionary writing. Read how others are profiting big.

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Book mailed same day order is received. Or ask two friends to chip tn 98 cents each with your 99c to get this book. Hun- dreds of buyers whose letters we show you declare emphatically its superlative goodness. Follow Its easy pattern for success. Best seller. Cut out the S2. Oet into Drafting — the basic profession where all post war products will start. I will train you at home — give you ex- perience—doing the same kind of jobs you will do with the best paying firms. I furnish instruments, drawing table and all equipment when you start. Write today for vital facts and FREE illustrated book.

Give Age. Engineer Done. Libertyvi Me. No experience needed. Make Color- glazed concrete lawn, cemetery pottery with- out molds. New, low cost, patented method. Hundreds of designs, sizes, shapes. Use only sand, cement, cheap materials. Statuary, novelties, giftware. Tiles, floors, walks.

Imita- tion marble, granite, stone ceme- tery products, furniture, etc. Patching, repairing, resurfacing jobs. Basement leaksealing. Many other big pay projects. Booklet, cost data, details free. Men only. IVE ME a skinny, pepless, second-rate body — and I'll cram It so full of handsome, bulg- ing new muscle that your friends will grow bug- eyed! I'll wake up that sleeping energy of yours and make it hum like a high-powered motor! VOU wouldn't believe it. Fellows called me '"Skinny. I was a flop.

How Does It Work? As I've pictured up above. I'm steadily building broad- shouldered, dynamic MEN — day by day — the country over. They wanted to read and see for themselves how I'm building up scrawny bodies, and how I'm paring down fat. FREE Mall the coupon! Crammed with pic- tures, facts! IF East 23rd St. I want the proof that your system of "Dy- namic Tension" will help make a New Man of me — give me a healthy, husky body and big muscular development. Send me your free book. City if any i. If you are discontented, unhappy, not getting ahead Many people who have used this secret system claim wonderful improvement in mind power.

Some give credit to Mayan teachings for helping gain new love from wives or husbands. Many say that now, for the first time, they can face the future with confidence and without fear. Others tell of astonishing new health. The Mayan Order is a secret brotherhood which bases its teachings on the traditional wisdom of that mysterious race of astrologers and temple builders, the ancient Mayans of Mexico and Cen- tral America. They deal with the problem of mak- ing PRAYERS work; how to use your subconscious mind, and thousands of other practical, helpful suggestions.

If you are an average man or woman who is in a rut financially and mentally, the cost of a postage stamp may alter your whole life. All you're gambling is 3c— so you can't lose. It tells of the surprising accomplishments of your own mind and how to put cosmic power on YOUR side. There is no obligation in mailing the coupon. Mail the coupon NOW. Please send me your FREE book. This places me under no obligation whatever. City State. Because manufacturers everywhere, in striving to keep ahead of competition, are looking for new inven- tions and buying up the patent rights thereon so that they will have better and more attractive items to make and sell.

Hence, the wise thing for you to do is also to act at once. Protect your invention — and yourself — by applying for a patent now. It tells what details, drawings, etc. In addition, it contains over ISO illustrations of basic mechanical movements. The Patent Laws were enacted for your benefit — to give you protection for the features of your invention which are Patentable.

But these features must be legally and concisely set forth in the form of "claims". This phase of the procedure is so complex that the U. We maintain a large staff — carefully trained regis- tered patent attorneys — expert draftsmen — experienced searchers — to serve you. This step costs you nothing yet may be vital to your success. Delay can be costly. Write for a free copy of our "Patent Guide" today. Clarence A. This request does not obligate me. Read, study and learn in your spare time, with these four, complete comprehensive books by expert authors!

Now made available to you by International Text- book Co.. Prices guaranteed un- til July 1, 6 only! Illustrated with over 30 cartoons— a MUST for to-day— and to-mor- row! An outstanding presenta- tion of materials, machin- ery and processes, with 46 actual projects!

You'll wish you had this book before! Order NOW any or all of these great books on our 5'day money- back guarantee! If not complete- ly satisfied , money refunded immediately and no questions asked! Prices guaranteed until July 1, ,6 only. This article shows the jet placed in the tip of the propeller in conven- tional style.

I have thought of a design which places these jets closer to the hub, in the form of an engine, in order to get more power for larger planes, etc. Placing them in this fashion allows these units to be added in decks of four or more, allowing the entire assembly to rotate inside of a jet cowl to drive the prop Paul W.

Orchard, Jr. New Orleans, La. Sir: With real respect to Inventor Fonberg and to your technical staff, a pair of items could stand comment. Fonberg's lias a thermal com- pressor. Its loose, present design allows air intake to combustion over a wider range than usual — i. Murphy Trona, California Sir So it's the "push of the jet through the rear of the cone" that hurls the athodyd forward, is it? Hubert V. Caryell, Jr. Toledo, O. Information on the athodyd may be ob- tained from Aircraft Jet and Rocket Corp.

PSM blushes with its writer. New Slant on Nova Sir: An astronomer recently reported an ex- ploding star and speculated on the reason I have that all figured out. Years ago that dark star was a planet sailing serenely along in a far-distant solar system. One of the inhabitants conceived the brilliant idea of constructing an atomic bomb.

During his experiment he. Lee Maddox Oaktown, Ind. He was far ahead of us, if you are right. The opportunity for quick money is enticing. Sales sources are many if your invention has merit. Race St. Searcy, Arkansas E. University Ave. Campus Ave. Katella Ave. Victory Blvd. Between Vons and Del Mar Diner Long Beach, California Near Pavilions www. Bastanchury Rd. Washington Ste. Fort Washington www. Tustin, California Corner of Park Ave. The District next to Target www. St side www. Esplanade Dr. MAXX Palmdon Avenue Ste. Palmdon Drive www. Gladstone St. Next to Corner Bakery www.

Irvine, California Irvine at Woodbury www. In the Whole Foods Center next to Rubios www. Freeway Blvd.


W Ste. University Blvd. Oxbow Crossing, Next to Snap Fitness haircutmenmontroseco. Tower Rd. Hampden Ave. Denver, Colorado I and Hampden www. Wadsworth Pkwy. Suite 2 Aurora, Colorado www.

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Lakewood, Colorado Across from Colorado Mills www. Bowles Ave. C Littleton, Colorado Wadsworth www. Colorado Blvd. Glendale, Colorado Colorado Blvd. Milford, Connecticut Next to Whole Foods haircutmenmilfordct. D Ft. Congress Ave. Jacksonville, Florida Atlantic Blvd. Behind Burger King www. Gandy Blvd. Jog Rd. Dale Mabry Hwy. Augustine Rd. Racetrack Rd. NW Ft.

Walton Beach, Florida Across from Kohl's www. Federal Hwy. Cumming, Georgia Market Place Blvd. Cobb Parkway Ste. Marketplace Blvd. State St. Randall Rd. Algonquin Rd. Vee www. Fullerton Ave. Naper Blvd. Naperville, Illinois Next to Jewel www. Rand Rd. Wells St. Weber Rd. Get information on spec ss mega 6. This week I've been using the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2, and its 6-inch screen doesn't even merit a second look.

Lotto Results Today 02 September Parts DepartmentManual lavarropa electrolux lapua vs win mag sniper's hide ew spec ss mega 6. Moore Chrysler RockShox Monarch spec ss mega 6. You have successfully registered to Samsung's Friends and Family Program. Gadgets spec ss mega 6.

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