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Spring time is the season to start thinking about developing ideas for the upcoming craft season. So far this season, I have tried knitting, sewing and drawing. Even though it was hard to begin with - remember that crafts make a great hobby whether you are experienced or not! Happy crafting,. Jo Southall gives Handicraft an exclusive on how she mixes her crafty passion for jewellery with fashion and how she believes disabled people, like herself, should be included in the fashion world.

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Nikki White interviews Abi Jackson from the Stitch and Make studio and Sarah Peters and Sharon Morgan from the Made in Northamptonshire shop to find out whether businesses falsely claim that their products are handmade. Beginner guide to knitting - pages 24 to Want to pass the time with a little paper craft or spend quality time with your kids? Nikki White illustrates a step-by-step guide showing how to make an origami cowboy hat.

Tips and Tricks - pages 30 and After some crafty tips and tricks? Nikki White shows you five ways to make your craft materials or tools last longer. Why not check them out? Do you have a story for the next issue of Handicraft or simply want to write and contribute to the magazine? Contact Handicraft using the methods above or why not email our editor? A special thank you to Hilary Scott for help designing the magazine and Lidia Stanton for proof-reading. Inspirational stories 04 Jo Southall crafts to help cope with her disability Jo Southall is a part-time student of Occupational Therapy at the University of Northampton.

As a disabled person, she tries to use the distraction of crafting jewellery to help with the chronic pain of hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Nikki White interviewed Jo Southall to find out more about her inspiring story behind jewellery making. Although I use simple and childish designs, most people who have bought them find them fashionable. To distract her from the discomfort of her disability she simply engages in crafting jewellery.

Due to the amount of chronic pain Jo deals with, she soon found herself with the problem of owning too much jewellery, but came up with the solution of creating a Facebook page,. Jo Southall modelling the jewellery she has made including, necklaces and bracelets for her hobby, Purl Beads. Purl Beads, to re-home it all. Then people started asking for me to make personal items for them. These commissions is what gave me a purpose when my disability held me back. I have also designed magnetic clasps. I strongly believe disabled people should be able to buy fashionable products that help them, like the zip aids I designed.

Jo commented on how she gets many people thanking her for creating just a simple item with effective use. Be prepared to not make a profit. In other words make sure you can craft on a budget, and definitely make sure you are passionate about crafting because it can be quite time consuming. Making metal-based jewellery in silver or bronze, Nadine started handcrafting in Nadine makes a wide range of jewellery from earrings to brooches, but commented that she sells more pendants than anything else. Rings need fitting, earrings need pierced ears — so pendants are a much more convenient choice.

Her designs include a mix of flora, fauna and heart patterns. Her style reflects her interest in and the inspiration, which develops from the nature. My holiday in Devon inspired the sea pieces, while the little birds and bees came from observing the vibrant wildlife in my little terraced garden. Or even use a stylus to draw directly into the metal clay.

Or lastly, I will simply engrave images. Most of these days will start around 9am and finish around 6pm. Nadine goes on to explain that for crafters certain periods in the year make more financial sense than others. Christmas is the focus of craft makers, and the impression we leave will define the year as a whole for most of us.

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Nikki White interviews Phil Coates to find out more about his experience of what fine art is. As a philosopher, Phil believes that art can be something more than just commercialism. He believes that art should be focused on creating a picture of something to be enjoyed. In college, A Level art is very broad. The curriculum normally consists of studying the history of art, the profile of several artists, and gets the students to paint in their style.

The curriculum normally consists of studying the history of art, the profile of several artists, and gets the. Phil argues that the lack of freedom in university courses adds to the need to produce art for commercial reasons and create a certain style that would be attractive to a group of people viewing an exhibition. I enjoy them and if someone buys one of my paintings that is because they would enjoy it too. This is why I do portrait commissions for people who want a picture of themselves or a group of people they know to simply enjoy looking at it.

I believe it is because of this that I appreciate what I see more. See if you notice a difference in the quality of what you see in your everyday life. He has been teaching for 25 years. Phil Coates has a website that offers information on the variety of courses and sessions: www. Inspirational stories Auto-Circle Spectrum draws posters in hope to raise awareness of how Autism affect many peoples lives Stephanie Nixon.

Stephanie Nixon, President of the Auto-Circle Spectrum Society, draws posters advertising the University of Northampton society to raise awareness of learning disabilities. So, I use my craft of drawing to help communicate our message which raises the awareness of different disabilities. Although she was only able to hold the one exhibition, she plans on holding more in the next academic year. Exhibitions give us a chance to do this. Although they are hard to organise I find it worth it. Students wanted to learn about the disabilities that exist.

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Some first years were especially interested in learning sign language to combat. These links help provide support and information to all members of the society and non-members. As an artist, Laura decided to do a fine art degree at the University of Northampton, but soon left after finding out that the course was not for her. Instead she has decided to become financially independent by means of painting commissions and her part-time job even though she has a 3 year-old daughter.

To an extent, this was true, although it opened my eyes to new ways of creating art. I have a part-time job to supplement my income but I aspire to make it my sole income later on in life. She has to take care of her daughter and uses every moment of her spare time to further her craft. I try to do it when my daughter is in school 2. So, on a day-to-day basis, I balance my artwork alongside looking after my 3 year-old daughter and my part-time job.

After a while, she gathered a small collection and a few months later her paintings started to sell. It was such a confidence boost to sell a painting, and from there I started to get commissions too. Having started to knit when she was seven years old and then picked it up again in , Christina says she mainly used patterns on the internet. As Christina became more confident with knitting, she started to use different materials. It was much cheaper than buying pre-made handles. I even buy materials from Aldi to re-use in my crafting.

She recycles old silk pyjamas, trousers and jackets to re-use for lining her handbags and e-reader covers. She also uses strips from old t-shirts using 3 or 4 and knits them together to create handbags. This saves money on buying materials that are already available to you in your closet. You can even recycle old kitchen rolls in knitting by using the cardboard tube as a weight at the bottom of the bag. She saves money on all of these materials by buying them abroad.

It is a lot cheaper there. Check it out at: www. Are handmade products Many products claim to be handmade, but Nikki White investigates whether these could possibly be manufactured on a mass scale instead of being crafted by hand. Manufacturers make certain products and call them handmade when they are not to sell them for more money. According to Abi, a market confusion arises as a result of such dubious trading standards. This seriously undermines the trust that consumers have in sellers, who expect labels to tell whether a product is handmade or not, when it is difficult to tell simply by looking at it.

Etzy, for example, has recently changed its policy so that sellers can manufacture products that can be then sold on by a third party. This will make it more difficult for customers to tell which product is handmade and which one is not. But, the price tag will be as if the product is handmade. Threads Abi Jackson has collected. However, other market sectors offer more.

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When an item is handmade, a lot more time and care is invested in it. Made in Northamptonshire is a shop that is supported by Action Support, a nonprofit enterprise that seeks to give disabled people work experience opportunities. Should writing be considered a form of craft and to what extent? From my own experience, writing a novel is a craft in that it results in a product that ideally has some artistic merit and involved time and the application of various skills to complete. You generally write for a purpose, to either create, or to get your views across, or more often both at the same time.

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Writing really ends up taking something of a personality, that of its writer because they have limitless control over what they create. To craft an item is a process. Writing is incredibly similar.

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You begin with an idea of a plot, then create believable and interesting characters as well as an enticing setting. Both involve different, but deep amounts of technical skill to complete their products which is the definition of any craft. In the modern age, there is now a much easier way to allow large audiences access to your products: the internet.

Websites Adam has experienced running four different businesses and finds that the most important tool is having effective communication between you and your customers. Try setting up a free website on wix. Credibility As a crafter, your reputation should be very important to you. Get a few customers to give you feedback. Testimonials are invaluable to people in the craft world, as they define their products as durable, of a certain.

How to standard and quality and show other customers that you are the best person for what they want. So the use of images in craft business should be unavoidable. Be careful though, on a website you can go overboard unless they are on a catalogue-type webpage.

Social networking is there to help you advertise your business. Even though it does offer some paid options, you can easily create a page mini one page website on Facebook for free. Every week I get an email about the number of people talking about my business and visiting it. This is all for free. Reply and sort the problem. Not every social networking site is for you, though. Facebook is generally best for crafts. Unlike Twitter, it allows you to upload pictures of your products in an album.

LinkedIn is more of a professional social network that would appeal to those who offer a craft service rather than products a craft repair service or similar. You want to make sure the customer understands how much they are paying, where to input their payment details and confirmation that the money has been received.

If you can achieve all of these, then you will find customers coming back to you for their craft products. This is because they would be confident in the service that takes them from basket to checkout. Laura Slade on page 11 uses this exact method to get payment on Facebook after she has done a painting commission for a customer. Why buy an expensive zip for those trousers you are sewing? This is harder to do for crafting jewellery and other crafts that use more expensive materials, but it can be done.

For paper craft, why not use recycled paper? Even if you are a crossstitch based crafter, there is always room for re-using and recycling. But for those of you who do. But, more often than not, this can be more costly although visiting the shops can be more. Low on money and fed up with your craft materials being very expensive? But, some sellers offer free postage and this is where you can find some serious bargains.

All crafters wish to be certain that their products are of good quality and durable for the buyer. However, how crafters will go about this differently. Some will head straight for the craft shop and not look anywhere else on the high street, other crafters will try to look around and get the best price. A handful of crafters. Scraping the pennies can seem daunting, but sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures. Your kit will be waiting for you at class. All necessary supplies will be provided!

Talk about good timing!! I caught you on Better Connecticut yesterday. My daughter, Jennifer, took up knitting last year and is doing a phenomenal job. One of her co-workers gave her a number of worn sweaters, one of which was one of his favorites and he had a hard time giving it up. She was going to use it for a felting project and after shrinking it decided to make a pair of mittens for him. I come from a family of creative people, going back four generations, mainly sewing.

My grandmother, mother and sister have been in the business of tailoring, alterations and reupholstering.

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My daughter and I dabble in knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, stained glass and jewelry making, just to name a few. I missed the show on Monday but watched it this morning online. You did an amazing job! I also watched your other tutorials and want to make the button necklace too. Comments RSS. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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