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Not true! Lowes refuses to accept my DD and drivers license as proof of service. I recently went to the home depot in Bradenton Fl. I asked about the discount, they said I had to be active with military ID. I am a Viet Nam vet. No discount for me. They said they have a new policy now and you have to be on active duty to get the discount. Might as well not even having the discount since the majority of active military are on military posts,or in another country and are not going into Home Depot shopping.

Bottom line they do very little for the people who served their country,they apparently just want people to think they do. The discount even if it did not amount to that much you felt someone cared. He was told that they only offer it to active and retired Military.

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He is a Vietnam veteran. Most of us live on fixed income and this, to me, is a slap in the face. This is greed pure and simple. This happened in Venice, Florida. Shame on you, Home Depot!! I recently experienced the disrespect o f a Home Depot employee reciting the options that were employed by the company and stating that I needed twenty years of service and then being able to use the the discount policy only on veterans holidays. I showed my discharge papers, dog tag and drivers licence which I was told they did not qualify me. The company executives that set the parameters for this program should get an education on business communication with future buying personnel.

Define your policy and educate your employees, in particular your managers as to the intention of the discount. Apply the discount uniformly and fairly. Last year I was a Home Depot stockholder. I I just left the home depot in Punta Gorda, Fl. The last time I was refused because my card does not say active on it. Obviously Home Depot does not have a consistant policy toward the veterans who did what their country asked of them so H. My thanks to H.

I served in the U.

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The cashier then displayed placque with several I. Today I was told it is only good on holidays. I spend thousands every year at Home Depot. Bye bye, Home Depot! Went to home depot today and cashier refused my va id card becuause it didnt say service connected injury. I didnt know that if you were lucky enough to get out without being injured you are not considered a vet if you are going to offer something to veterans it should be for all vets.

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That means that if you served your country, in many instances placed your life at risk, but are no longer on active duty , a retiree of the military or have a service connected injury, Home Depot no longer deems you worthy of their discount. I will no longer shop at Home Depot. Shame on them!

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This pretty well says it like it is in plain English. We offer this discount to thank them for their outstanding service to this nation and to help make their homes more comfortable and safe. Customers requesting the discount should present a valid military ID. All of the employees pretty much know him by sight since we moved to the area.

He is at Home Depot at least once a week for a need for our house or to look at the tools. Like all others who have been posting he is retired from the military. It makes us so mad that they would treat a man who served for our county… their country with such disrespect. My husband is A Vietnam Veteran. Served there and has been out of service for over 40 years. We were not aware of this program, so went back in and was given the discount based on the tag on his truck.

I sent a e-mail to Home Depot and got a form response, that we were not eligible. I am not happy when someone kicked any Vietnam Vet. So Home Depot is not on our list of stores to shop any more. I applaud Home Depot and Lowes recognizing those that are serving. I find it offensive, however, that they offer a discount to dependants that have never served a day. I feel slighted.

So your saying as a wife of an officer in the U. So your comment is very offensive to me and many others!!! Did you serve your family, and support your husband? No one doubts that. You made many sacrifices and contributed toward the welfare of your family, and therefore, indirectly toward the mission of defending our country. The support of spouses is essential to the welfare of the military and making sure the mission happens.

Keep in mind that not all card carrying spouses were married to a veteran while he was in the service either, making the sacrifice of being a military spouse an invalid argument in some instances. No one doubts the sacrifice of military spouses. But to say that it is a greater sacrifice than your husband made during his 3 overseas tours, or the countless sacrifices similar military veterans made during their service is a gross overstatement. Being a military spouse is a thankless job, much like military service is at times.

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But is a life that is chosen, not forced — just like our voluntary military service. How do I know? Military service, and being a military spouse, is both an honor and a privilege. But it is not an entitlement. Phil — well said. Now if we could only convince the United States Courts of this.

Since when a military spouse decides to cheat or leave their spouses while they are overseas fighting for our country the courts love to ensure that the non-military spouse leaches every dime from the service member in the form of alimony and retirement division. I believe spouses of active duty and reserve members should be included in the discount plan. I differ with the spouses of retirees receiving the benefit. It should not be permitted to retiree spouses. Is that still not military enough for you? Do you not realize how stupid you sound? And then the crap about cheating spouses.

Such card is NOT issued to all Veterans. Home Depot should have researched this when they decided to use the military ID as proof of service.

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Shame on HD…. All of you complaining need to shut-up. Listen how child-like you sound. Boo Hoo….

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Poor Me….. You are NOT entitled to the discount! And yes, I am a vet and do receive the discount at Lowes. I became a employee at home depot seven years ago and they made a copy of my dd Home depot recorded the dd and most likely received something for hiring a vet. I think they are just trying to get out of the 10 per cent off. I am still a employee at home depot. I worked with them in 3 different states.

Now I am told my dd meant nothing. Never mind that I entered the military under the draft in Had number 81 when they called up to nearly that very LAST year. I did what I was told and kept my head down and never got shot or injured. Take down your web page that lies about honoring veterans.

I think this is great and nice of them to give back. Home Depot stores all around the country should have the same policy from corperate so if a veteran goes in to a hd in one town from one day to the next it should be the same and not at the whim of manger or clerks feeling about how they feel towards our veterans most of our men and women serving in uniform today are not around to benefif from this benefitt and when they are any little thing that can be given to them is a plus AMERICAN LEGION VFW DAV Post members with proper IDS should be ok!!! They told me they did not know but I would need to go into the store so I did.

The attendant was perturbed wanted to know why becasue being a Home Depot employee he received no discount. He told me if he rings up the sale there at appliances he can see giving the discount so I said Id take it up front. At front before paying I specifically asked and was very clear about receiving both the sale price and military discount and they agreed. I believed them and being tired went home. The following day I decided to add up the amount using a calc and it turns out they had only given me 1 discount so I returned to the store and after studying the receipts was told that I was misinformed and that the reason why I only received 1 discount was becasue double dipping is not allowed and that it was confirmed with the same gentleman that wrote up the invoice.

I told them I asked this question 4 times and all that was needed was an honest conservative answer, the truth something we veterans expect to be told the 1st time. I then told them to please cancel my order and that on principal must look elsewhere for my refrigerator.

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My point is that I spent allot of time shopping to save and asking the right questions to get an honest question not sarcasm about my service and misleading answers to questions. I would have been glad to not buy if I received the right information. If Home depot would post it policy veterans and employees would not get frustrated with the policy employees think is unfair double dipping and veterans who just want a strait answer.

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Either post the policy in in the light of day or drop the policy all together. Im a guy that hates changes. About 5 months ago I was told by a friend I was intitled to a military discount at Home Depot or Lowes. I asked and yes I was given the discount on anything I purchased after that but only if I asked.

I wish I had known sooner. I now am retird and unable to earn extra money. And I guess I am no longer qualified to receive a discount. If I wait for the next Holiday I may get the discount. Then again I may not. The truth of the matter seem to be if you dont need it you can get it. My brother has the use of one arm and one leg, Retited Navy. He can not save a dime at eather Home Depot or Lowes. Because of his disabilitys Hes unable to take advantage of there discount.

All veterans should have the same treatment because one way or the other we payed with our time and life to keep the rest of the population free. Do not discriminate All vets are veterans. DD should be enough proof. I was drafted in , I had NO desire to be in the service. I did not want to go to Vietnam, but I did. It is April 7, I went to the Home Depot near my house this morning and was told the discount was no longer available unless it is a holiday. I am a vet and have copy of my discharge papers. Click the above Lowe's coupon link to find all weekly offers.

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