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Grab your shopping bag, and crank that Halloween playlist …. TIP: Before you head to the store, check online for coupons. We also received another coupon on our receipt. Last year, we freshened up our crafting skills and created our own wreath.

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TIP: Walk the entire store if the first Halloween section you visit seems bare. We thought the Halloween items would all be together in one section, but our Michaels had it sprinkled throughout. The Spooky Town display was on the right side of the store, the autumnal decor was in the front center, Halloween craft supplies and pet costumes were in the back, and there were two sections of Halloween items on the left side of the store.

Hitting the nostalgia factor with these vintage-inspired pumpkins, witches, and black cats. These skirt a perfect line between a delicate classiness and looking like they came out of a Disney cartoon.

These vintage style pumpkin and cat characters are completely monochrome except for their dull, green eyes, which is a beautiful look, and for no particular reason their bodies are wrapped in actual old newspaper. That's a little out of left fielld, but it works. More importantly, on close inspection, this cat's newspaper includes the phrase "sainstakingly trained and, above all, thunderingly stupid horses. Disembodied eyes like this, complete with eyelids, first cropped up a couple years ago in various stores, but I believe this is a brand new model, and easily the coolest looking with those perfectly sculpted, concentric rings around the pupil.

You don't have to be a girl vegetable to wear a skirt or a boy vegetable to wear pants and suspenders, but I'm going to stick with their canon anyway because then that means the lady one has the more ridiculous monster face, and that's not terribly common. On the other hand, nothing's stopping us from assuming they're both weird-looking lady vegetables. She actually reminds us just a tad of Ickis from Real Monsters.

At least, she has the right mouth and overall head width. It's a hilarious contrast to her incredibly tiny, beady eyeballs, and I think the black lips surrounding it all are the perfect final touch.

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This time it's a snowglobe, with a single eye inside and two bony hands propping it up. Very nice, although the white base attaching the eyeball to the inside of the globe is a little distracting and really could have used some black paint on it. Still, pretty cool! If you're new, we've got a rule of thumb around here that any Halloween object with body parts, especially eyes, can be assumed a sentient being or at least occupied by the soul of a sentient being, and I like the idea that these would "walk" not on their fingers, like so many other undead hands, but on their severed wrist stumps.

I admire the crookediness of those teeth, too, there's something really satisfying about their specific arrangement. Rev felt this looked like the skeleton of Pee Wee Herman and I have to agree. If he isn't Pee Wee's actual fleshless corpse, he at least ought to talk like he is. Cheesy, sure, but you don't see a lot of cheesy monster squirrels around. Why is it still eating acorns, though? That's not especially menacing. Fifty dollars is what I could have used to purchase other items. They gave me a big stink and I will not go back ever again.

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Looks like there are not too many happy people here. I am also sure that the store you describe is glad that you will not enter their doors again. If enough do this, something might change. When I worked for Michaels 5 years ago, Wilton was making every effort to take over our whole schedule.

At that time there was some freedom, and I refused, letting them have only 2 nights. People wanted craft classes, and we offered many different ones. The store made money too, because people always bought stuff. Especially knitters. You make a cake, it gets quickly eaten.

You make a craft, your grandchild can enjoy it. Nothing against Wilton, but no contest in my book!!

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I do yarn-type crafts crochet, knit , and my only choices are Hobby Lobby and Wal-mart. And before you ask, there is not a yarn store anywhere near me. I work at Michaels as well. I love all of their products and its a nice place to come back and work for the summer. I must say it is disturbing to hear the people think the employees are not qualified to teach classes.

I hope customers do not think we are people off the street that have no intrest in crafts and just needed a job.

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I sought out Michaels to work because I am such a crafty person. This is the ability to produce results when you have very little to work with. I love when people come in with a project and need to know how to make it possible. I was once with a customer for 45 min. I love helping with those kind of things. My friend is a costume design major and she works at Jo Anns. Many of the technical sewing questions always go to here because she is fantastic with a sewing machine but people never take her seriously because she is 20 years old.

She is going to school to sew, to design costumes for theatre. Also, one coupon per person. I cannot take 8.

Other than that, happy crafting. I think the basic problem is that we are trying to make art and Michaels is trying to make money. I used to be the Classroom Coordinator, and am saddened to see the The Knack. The people who brought their children in to do art on Sat mornings liked that their children could make choices, experiment, or make a project go a different direction. The Knack is completely devoid of creativity. A kit is just a kit. Not much in the big picture. But now we have been told that we need to produce 24 floral pieces in a 7. What kind of quality can that yield?

As a whole they are of poor design and quality, and frequently smell of chemicals or mold. Have any other Michaels Floral Designers been having similar thoughts?

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If we are short-timers, a job hunting heads-up would be good. No more floral designers, event coordinators full time supervisors, assistant managers and have cut cashiers hours to 4 or 5 hours a week! Try surviving on that. Would you bust your fanny and be super excited to make 7.

I think not!!! Local bead shops have always been one of the best ways to learn about the artistry of jewelry making, but the classes typically take longer, have fewer openings because of limited classrooms and are often more costly. Another great resource as are taking classes directly from local artisans. Many bead shops are not zoned to teach some of the skill-sets or the class rooms can be too large to really get the instruction you could in a smaller setting. Consider what you personally want and need from a craft class to choose the right option for you.

Manda— thanks for your well-articulated insight! As for teaching locally in small groups, I DO see a market for this…but it is hard to know who to contact if you want to get started. I have read that we are going out of business because everything is on sale all the time. Its called a sales ad, just like Kohls and other stores have. There are still floral designers at every store.

Maybe your local store is currently looking for one. Every store has a policy and the 20 percent off of everything says in plain print on it, that you cannot use for prior purchases. Thats the policy, thats why its a 4 hour sale. Its for those 4 hours, thats it. That said, noone expects every employee to be an expert on every craft, but take some pride in your work and be an expert in your store. Your blog was really well worded, and very thoughtful.

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I hope that things change for the better, and I just wanted to say that I really do appreciate your comments. My local Michaels is pretty good. They recently expanded the beading section a lot, which is very nice. They never carry full product lines. For example, Michaels carries about twenty different Tim Holtz products.