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I went shopping today and I think I used coupons from all of those sites. I saved a whack of money. Check out my post. Justine — Thanks! I love how fast they are! Thanks for the button love. HoneyB — That;s great! I love when companies send us coupons, they are usually really good ones I have never seen before.

I much prefer gocoupons. Although save. Everyone needs toilet paper! The other site that I like is www. You must register, just like the ones you mentioned, and then you can print all sorts of organic product coupons, yourself. The Healthy Shopper also has a printed booklet with the same coupons that is usually available in health food stores. Thanks for all of the great posts, Cassie!

Valpak: Printable Coupons for Most Everything

I have learned so much! I am 19 years old, trying to help my mom save some money because she has 5 children. Any ideas where I could get printable coupons? Every penny saved counts. Also, I am waiting for some coupons in the mail. I have joined Save. Is there some program you have done load in order to print these? I havebeen couponing now for about 2 months, anyonewho would liketo trade or set up a coupon train please contact me.

Thanks Lana.

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PS some sites only do 1 per household but you can enter variations of your address ie unit , upper level,lower level etc. Jenifer u can join my express trade coupon train. Msg me your addy on fb to Tamara Agley. I have one going out on Tuesday. Pls let me know asap Thank you Tamara. How does the coupon train thing work? New to this coupon saving stuff..

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Josee: We have lots of members on our Facebook page. Just post on the wall and ask if anyone has a train you can join. It is a great site. Is there any such thing as trading coupons threw the mail with different ppl across Canada. My mother used to be in a coupon club such as this years ago. What is. Get better coupons or better selection on coupons.

I find it very frustrating that grocery manufacuterers dont value the money spent by canadian consumers. The coupons they offer are for small amounts of money, and usually for niche type buyers.. What about the average day to day consumer.. What about for staples, like bread, milk, pasta, cheese.. I used most of the website they send you coupons and clippings too everymonth the inserts in newspapers and im so loving it save you more money!!!

Then i was told about this group, so if anyone could give me any info or tips that would be great. My address is box Port hardy, B. Thanks poorgirl This is the best, I have found it very hard to get coupons that can be mailed out, I am in my glory right now lol. Ever since I had my Son and Daughter, saving money is difficult, and as a young mother, I will do anything to save money on the the best brands out there.

Websites like these make life so much easier, this will definately not be my last visit, Thank-you sooooo much Cassie, your the best, literally. I am also in Brantford Ellen.. I have found that Walmart takes all coupons. They will also price match to. Hope this works.. I am new and looking for a place to get cereal and can goods. I see a lot of cleaning. Key is to buy when then the item is on sale. IG idependanalso has von houette coffee on for 8. I always wondered.. One more question if they mail me the coupons, can i take it to any stores?

I can never find a website with coupons i will actually use! I seen a couple people say some things about being from Brantford. As I am from Brantford Ontario. We take any kind of coupon but printed coupons.

Thought that might help some of you out. I am 20 years old and I live with my boyfriend and I love coupons- Who does not love to save money?? I found a site called DealStreet. Just sign up and Enter you city, they bargain hunt for you too which is awesome! Or you can click coupons at the top orange banner! Hope this helps a lot! Happy Holidays!

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Thank you. Oh well, I still like to save whenever I can. I agree you have to spend time going through your flyers and use the coupons when it is the best deal of late. I trade with my sister and brother through the mail as my sister seems to find more on the tearpads then we do as she lives in a bigger city. She always takes a few extras for my brother and I. I saw a report on TV last night about you, and came to see your site.

Thank you very much for your great work, smart and nice people like you is encouraging. The more people that want them, the more they seem to offer.

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Brandsaver has new coupons on their site today! I selected over 40 coupons! Lots and lots of savings! I have tried to log in several times today and it seems the site is down. Is there any type of catch when signing up for the websites and ordering coupons? Any hidden fees? This section contains free stuff that were not included into any of the freebie categories. Free Samples - SweetFreeStuff.

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