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For others, you must purchase in person, usually at the student store, and show your ID. You may purchase tickets for others using this discount. See the list of participating colleges. Read more details on military discounts at Universal Studios Hollywood. If you have an American Express card that earns Membership Rewards points, you can redeem those points for Universal Studios Hollywood tickets. Thanks to Dawn N for info. If you know you want to visit other attractions as well as Universal Studios, there are a number of discount pass options available that can save you a lot of money, and eliminate the hassle of buying all of your tickets individually.

For more details and pricing, select the pass name below. Go Los Angeles Pass is an all-inclusive pass that allows you to visit as many attractions as you want within a set number of days usually 3 to 7 days. You pay one discount price for the number of days you choose. These work well if you are visiting at least two major attractions plus some less expensive attractions. The more attractions you visit, the more you save.

Allow a good 1. Coming back, just reverse directions: south to I-5 south to the Disneyland exit. The hotel offers amazing views of the theme park and complimentary tram rides to Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Citywalk. There is High Speed Internet Access in each room for an extra fee. It never hurts to ask! Inside Universal.

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The Yeti returns! This month, we focus on Jurassic World: The Ride and its recently soft-opened surrounding You may not copy, redistribute, publish, sell, or otherwise make the original contents of this website available to third parties unless you have received prior authorization from Inside Universal. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Tour participants still get lanyards. Skip the show unless you are a huge Jabbawockeez fan or are you tired at the end of the night and want to recharge. There is alternate transport for people who need it behind Jurassic Park area.

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We attended the first night in , so we have some advice in managing the lines. A longer line does not always represent the quality of the maze or a must-see. Last year, Stranger Things had a frighteningly long line, and for fans of the show, it was a must-see. Last year, we were pleasantly surprised by the Universal Monsters Maze, which was among our favorites. But they are all pretty good. Try as many as you can and do not stress if you miss one.

Download the Universal Studios Hollywood app so that you can check wait times and showtimes. Select "Halloween Horror Nights" from the pull down menu to access the wait times. The special menu items are in those areas, so you might want to grab a bite while you are down there, as well.

They have not yet announced all of the Halloween Horror Nights mazes and entertainment.

We will continue to update as new mazes are revealed. This was the most anticipated maze in , and as fans of the Netflix show, it was on our must-do list. The maze will continue the story from , with details from Season 2 of the show and also jump ahead to Season 3, which will be available on Netflix as of July, 4, When a boy goes missing near a government facility, his friends go on a quest to find him.

With the help of one freakishly gifted girl, they embark on a strange journey into a world with flesh-eating creatures emerging from the shadows. Are you prepared to have your world turned Upside Down and be attacked by a demogorgon? On opening night of , as of p. As Stranger Things fans, we loved the detail. We can never recommend waiting three hours for any maze, no matter how much we love it. The night is so short! There was also a cool Halloween treat in store for guests visiting the park during two select days in You could walk through the Stranger Things Maze with the lights on during the day to see the maze.

No need to fear missing out on seeing this maze! Just wait until you face creepy Cupid, sinister leprechauns, blood-thirsty Easter bunny, terrifying mutant turkeys and more in the holidays from Hell. This new maze mutated from a scare zone. These two legendary monsters from the Universal Studios horror film of the same name are teaming up to unleash a reign of terror like none we've seen before.

The legendary duo broke out of the Universal Monsters maze to wreak havoc on this all-new maze. The mazes that are not yet confirmed for include:. It has spoiler alert everything to terrify a tadpole — a child disappears into a television, you have a creepy clown doll at the end of the bed, scary attack trees, furniture that moves by itself, and, oh yeah, the family home is built over rotting corpses in a cemetery. Go into the light. What to do? We know one thing for sure.

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Go into the maze. All are welcome. Universal really captured all the iconic moments from the original film including the scene that has haunted me my whole life — no spoiler there , so we really enjoyed this maze. Its unsuspecting residents are about to be taught a terrifying lesson in Halloween traditions. A bloodthirsty visitor has arrived to punish rule-breakers with bloody acts of vengeance.

Can you survive the deadly tricks and treats? This maze was on the way to the Backlot. It had a short wait early in the night. Guests have been treated perhaps tricked into? During this hour period, all crimes — including murder — on Staten Island are legal. Can you survive the night?

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Your government thanks you for your participation. If you absolutely must purge a Backlot maze due to time constraints, this could be your time savings. Go into Poltergeist over the Purge if you have to make a hard choice. The Boogeyman escapes, slaughtering his medical personnel, before running off into the night. His psychiatrist knows where to find him, but nobody is safe from Michael Myers and his knife, whom you will see plenty of in this maze … over and over. Considering how elaborate the first two Halloween-themed mazes were, this one seemed to suffer lack of effort.

If you must remove an Upper Lot maze due to time, this is the one to cut. Her fellow students see that her account has been taken over by an unknown user, and their attempt to expose the hacker exposes their deepest, darkest secrets and lies. We enjoyed some of the theatrics and different chapters of this maze.

Universal Studios is resurrecting the monsters from legendary horror films. While the monsters are classics, the music was new, with an original score produced and composed by SLASH. This was the unexpected surprise maze, and we highly recommend it. The maze exits into an interesting scare zone, the Monsters Masquerade. Two of the monsters of this maze are teaming up to awaken your darkest terrors in in an all-new maze, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. The now year-round Upper Lot maze is open for Horror Nights. You can expect a few changes in scare actors and their locations, but it is mostly the same maze.

You could skip this one if you have already seen it, but if there is a short wait, you might as well stroll through. The Jabbawockeez return for this high-energy live stage show set to music. The Jabbawockeez deliver gravity-defying choreography as well as special effects and humor. We think this is one you can skip, or save it until the end after you have gotten in your must-see mazes.


Do not see the first show unless you have Universal Express because you need to use that valuable time to hit the mazes. We frogs jump even higher than usual in terror at Halloween Horror Nights — usually when we least expect it in a scare zone. We do not yet know the scare zones for , but there were five Scare Zones in , each one more terrifying than the next. You can only access this scare zone after exiting the Universal Monsters maze, and we highly recommend it. Emerging from the fog will be, vampires, werewolves, zombie children and Sam.

Sam is the vengeful spirit of Halloween with some rigid rules and strict expectations for your behavior the season. You might want to play by the rules if you value your life. This scare zone has fire, a school bus of deranged trick-or-treaters and plenty of monsters. Be sure to read and follow the rules! If chemical warfare is your worst nightmare, then this zone is for you. While utility workers were doing repairs in a tunnel, they accidentally burst a pipe with toxic gas in it.

Everyone infected has turned into zombie-like subhumans. Can you get past them before they infect you, too? This scare zone returned from and is part of the walk from Lower Lot to Backlot and back. An army of bewitched evil dolls stalk the next victims of human sacrifice … will it be you? This is the pagan harvest festival where the dark spirit of Halloween was born. Think deranged dolls wielding chainsaws and a sense of humor. What if Halloween overtook all the other holidays and put a psychotic slant to them?

This scare zone is morphing into a maze for If you are in the Upper Lot just before 7 p. You must be in place before p. The downside to accessing early entry may mean missing the Opening Scaremony, but the benefits of getting the mazes done and being ahead of the masses outweigh the downside in our humble opinions. Once they announce the Terror Tram theme, we will share the gory details.

Until then, you can read the creepy details from the Terror Tram. This Terror Tram is no child's play. Hollywood Harry is back. The phantom clown who was known to terrorize the Universal Studios Backlot returned to host the Terror Tram with new bloodcurdling experiences. This is truly the stuff of nightmares. Once you're on the tram, it takes about 30 minutes. But as the night wears on, crowds can back up between elements, making it seem like a never-ending nightmare. If you knock out some mazes during early entry, you can head over to the Terror Tram at 7 p. Perhaps this year, you may choose to take a photo in front of the Psycho House.

It had a separate line in the middle of the Terror Tram walking tour in You save time and get to have a cool, or should we say chilling, experience. Watch your necks. Note that last tram time for The Terror Tram. The line closes at p. It closes at p. Some of the regular rides dare to be operating during Halloween Horror Nights. If you need to escape from the mazes, get your thrills on Transformers 3-D, Revenge of the Mummy, perhaps the new Jurassic World ride if it is open by then and The Simpsons Ride.

Even if you use early entry and the Wizarding World is still open until p. That wristband that lets you stay in the park will keep you out of the Wizarding World, and they will send you down to the Lower Lot. There are some devilish delights in store for you. Your frog squad can share a giant, devilish, decorated doughnut. If you are dangerously dehydrated, you might need a Blood Bag with red drink inside it. We ate dinner there after completing all the early entry mazes.

There was a rise in theme-tastic foods in Across the way were mini doughnuts. There are also several restaurants open around the Lower and Upper Lots. Stay tuned for 's discounts! No masks or costumes allowed although we did see leniency with some Harry Potter robes! The rules say no face paint, however, you can get your face painted near The Walking Dead maze.

No horseplay or items that resemble weapons are allowed. You may not record, take flash photos, or bring laser pens, food and drink into the mazes. You cannot bring food or drink not even water, but you can bring an empty water bottle or gum into the park.

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This year, you can buy alcohol in Springfield USA and at other locations. Do not touch or harm the actors or jump the lines unless you want to be sent out of the park in a body bag and without your ticket. There is no re-entry for any reason, so bring everything with you. Wear comfortable shoes. You may bring an umbrella if the forecast calls for rain. There are no refunds. If someone in your party uses a wheelchair, most standard wheelchairs and Electronic Convenience Vehicles can go through the mazes.

Ask an attendant if you need assistance. Be sure to stay hydrated — all that screaming can dry you out like a mummy! Speaking of mummies, leave your little mummies home for this terrifying event, which is recommended for very brave year-olds and up. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Most of all, have fun! Be sure to keep hopping back in summer and up to the event for the lineup, as they love to keep us in suspense and slowly roll out the scary details one maze, scare zone or terror tram at a time. Have a question about Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood?

Share it in comments below! Me and my boyfriend are looking to go to universal in September however not sure if it would be worth getting a 1 day ticket or 2 day? How would i go about purchasing a ticket for that? You can purchase directly from Universal Studios, and we highly recommend Universal Express tickets for that event.

Does Halloween Horror Nights offer a military discount?

If you are attending HHN, then you can get by with one full day in the park to experience the daytime rides and shows. Sorry we couldn't get back to you sooner - we were busy looking into the re-entry policy for HHN. This should have been fine. Hope you had a blast! Luckily, all of the houses are indoors and should remain open regardless of weather.

The scare zones and outdoor rides may be temporarily shut down if the rain gets too heavy. I plan to wear the robe, a white dress shirt with a tie and dress pants. Would Universal make an exception to this outfit? Especially since I bought it in the park? Hi Ethan! I was wondering if you could let me know if you had any trouble getting in with your uniform!

I am going tonight and want to wear my robe too! Do we need to worry about this at any of the scare zones or haunted venues? The scare zones are out in the open, so no need to worry there. However, most of the walkways in the haunted houses are quite tight. Depending on the severity of your claustrophobia, this might not be for you Hey im going to HHN in orlando and i wanna take my long champ backpack.. We have brought in a standard size backpack to hold our camera, water bottle and other goods and had no problems.

As long as it's not oversized, you should be fine! I I purchased tickets for 2 different nights because I was going with my friends that always go and another night with a group of friends that have never gone. This year the crowd was completely different than other year. They are selling alcohol this year. There are a lot of drunk people bumping into you, being rude and basically ruining the night. Unlimited Express is not an option for the party - the Express tickets include Express entry once per house. Hi, we are travelling from Australia and hope to get the day night tickets.

There are two taxi stands at Universal Studios Hollywood, and Uber or Lyft are always good options as well!

Hmmm - try reaching out to Universal at In our experience, the credit card or ID of the person who purchased the tickets is required to pick them up. Do you think they are worth it? I went last year with general admission ticket and I vowed this year to get an express pass at the very least this year. OMG - So worth it! We leapin' LOVE this tour! And this is one of our favorite years of HHN so far : Enjoy Thank you! That can vary based on when you arrive, how many mazes or rides you do or if you have Universal Express.

Without Universal Express and early entry, you can be there the entire time and not do it all. With Universal Express and Early Entry, you can complete all the mazes, Terror Tram, and Jabbawockeez show in about 6 hours at a relaxing pace. Add an hour if you go on rides. Utilizing the 5 p. You likely will not be able to accomplish everything, so we would recommend making a list of your top priorities! So even 2pm early entry hhn tickets will be banned from Harry Potter?

Did I read that right? If so, is that the only restriction for those tickets? The 2 p. The people who enter early at 5 p. Your wristband allows you access to the Lower Lot. Thanks for this awesome post! I called Universal to confirm the early entry however they stated this year its only 30 minutes prior to opening. Is this true?