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Charlton , S. Cohen , R. Collister , S. Eriksson , A. Evans , N. Evetts , J. Fajans , T. Friesen , M. Fujiwara , D.

Gill , A. Gutierrez , J.

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Hangst , W. Hardy , M. Hayden , C. Isaac , A.

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Ishida , M. Johnson , S. Jones , S. Jonsell , L. Kurchaninov , N. Madsen , M. Mathers , D.

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Maxwell , J. McKenna , S. Menary , J. Michan , T. Momose , J. Munich , P. Nolan , K.

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Olchanski , A. Olin , P. Pusa , C. Rasmussen , F. Robicheaux , R. Sacramento , M. Sameed , E. Sarid , D. Silveira , S. Stracka , G. Stutter , C. Tharp , J. Thompson , R. Thompson , D. Research Highlight 20 December Life bubbles away beneath polar snow Microscopic residents could confound coring studies in the Arctic and Antarctic. Letter 20 December Therapeutic targeting of ependymoma as informed by oncogenic enhancer profiling Super enhancers regulate oncogenes and other molecular targets in ependymomas, and identification of these genes provides potential therapeutic targets.

Letter 20 December Treatment of autosomal dominant hearing loss by in vivo delivery of genome editing agents CRISPR—Cas9 genome editing is used to correct a dominant-negative mutation in a mouse model of inherited deafness, resulting in improvements in cochlear function and hearing. Letter 20 December Unexpectedly large impact of forest management and grazing on global vegetation biomass Analyses of potential and actual biomass stocks indicate that trade-offs exist between conserving carbon stocks on managed land and raising the contribution of biomass to raw material and energy supply for the mitigation of climate change.

Letter 20 December The divergent fates of primitive hydrospheric water on Earth and Mars Modelling the reactions of water with the crusts of early Earth and Mars sheds light on how water was transported through their crusts to give the surfaces we see today. Outlook 20 December The benefits of immunotherapy combinations By giving treatments in tandem, researchers hope to reach a wider range of patients.

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Letter 20 December Successful conservation of global waterbird populations depends on effective governance Statistical modelling of global survey datasets of waterbirds as an indicator taxon for biodiversity changes in wetland ecosystems demonstrates that effective governance is the strongest predictor of species abundance increases and conservation benefits. Spotlight 20 December A smart place to work Cheap housing, close proximity to Tokyo and a burgeoning research ecosystem are thrusting the ancient prefecture of Kanagawa into the modern world.

Correspondence 20 December Why eavesdropping in open-plan spaces is good for your research Volker Heine. Small , Danica B.

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Letter 20 December Opening of the human epithelial calcium channel TRPV6 The cryo-electron microscopy structure of the calcium channel TRPV6 in its open and closed states demonstrates a novel gating mechanism involving an alanine hinge. Article 20 December Synthesis of E - and Z -trisubstituted alkenes by catalytic cross-metathesis An approach for the synthesis of E - and Z - trisubstituted alkenes in high stereoisomeric purity is developed by merging catalytic cross-metathesis and cross-coupling processes.

Outlook 20 December The struggle to do no harm in clinical trials What lessons are being learnt from studies that went wrong? Outlook 20 December Drug pricing should depend on shared values Paying for cancer immunotherapy will require new ways of cooperation between drug companies, insurers and policymakers, says Scott Ramsey.

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Research Highlight 20 December Desert spiders are master engineers Resourceful arachnids haul sand using homegrown devices. Correction 20 December Corrections. Correspondence 20 December A checklist to protect human rights in artificial-intelligence research Sumathy Ramesh.

News 20 December Facebook billionaire pours funds into high-risk research Silicon Valley philanthropy project revives some grants rejected by a mainstream US biomedical funder. Article 20 December Structure of the mechanically activated ion channel Piezo1 The cryo-electron microscopy structure of full-length mouse Piezo1 reveals six Piezo repeats, and 26 transmembrane helices per protomer, and shows that a kinked helical beam and anchor domain link the Piezo repeats to the pore and control gating allosterically.

Outlook 20 December The quest to extend the reach of checkpoint inhibitors in lung cancer Scientists hope to improve such treatments to aid more than a few people. Outlook 20 December Cancer immunotherapy research round-up Highlights from clinical trials. Birkbak , Gareth A. Akarca , John A. Hartley , Helen L. Quezada , Karl S. Aerts , Allan Hackshaw , Jacqui A. Shaw , Bernhard G. Ask For Deals. Share On Facebook. Share On Twitter. Ramsey Liquors hasn't posted a deal or coupon yet with Fivestars. Call and ask about their deals, coupons, and specials. Ramsey Liquors Rewards.

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